About me


I was born in Soria, a small city in central Spain, and grew up near Madrid. In 2009 I started my bachelor degree on Audiovisual Systems Engineering at the University Carlos III of Madrid, during which I had the chance to study one year as an Erasmus fellow at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 2013 I obtained a research fellowship to complete my bachelor thesis at the Group of Multimedia Processing (GPM) with Fernando Fernández Martínez and Fernando Díaz de María. At the GPM I worked as a research and teaching assistant during my master studies, working on projects related to image processing and computer vision. The main topic of my research was the automatic recognition of aesthetics and elicited affect of natural videos.

In February 2016 I was selected as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD fellow at Prof. Peter König’s lab at the Department of Cognitive Science of the University of Osnabrück and at EyeQuant, in Berlin. Being part of the Innovative Training Network NexGenVis has given me the opportunity to collaborate with a great network of PhD students at leading laboratories in the field of visual neuroscience. I have been a visiting PhD student at at the Spinoza Center for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam with Dr. Serge Dumoulin and at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit of the University of Cambridge with Dr. Tim Kietzmann.

My main research focus is on brain-inspired deep learning and computational neuroscience. In particular, I study data augmentation as a more biologically plausible and effective way of training convolutional neural networks, compared to explicit regularization techniques such as weight decay and dropout. Besides, I have collaborated in studies of visual perception and visual attention involving eye-tracking and analysis of fMRI data.

Beyond research

When I am not analyzing data, coding or reading papers, I like spending time with my friends, doing things as varied as having a conversation over a beer or a cup of coffee, playing music, climbing, going to punk-rock concerts and festivals, travelling…

If I had a second life, I would like to be a musician at a symphonic orchestra. I guess it is because I have played the violin since I have memories. Fortunately, this life has also given me the chance to play the violin at several orchestras and in a band in Berlin, The Broken Jug Ramblers. I also play the bagpipe with a big pipe band from Madrid, Lume de Biqueira, which is a lot of fun.